Why Donate to our sport?

Other than being one of the most physically demanding sports, with a seven minute race being the equivalent of playing two consecutive basketball games without break, it is also demands the most commitment. Our rowers dedicate themselves to attending practice five days a week from five to seven a.m. without complaint. They are dedicated beyond the perception of a normal athlete, and the respect that they posses for their fellow teammates is something only a person dependent on another is capable of achieving. This level of cohesiveness amongst our members is developed everyday; because the simple fact of Rowing is that you need eight people doing the same thing, at the same time, with no mistakes to have success.

Where will your donation go?

Though rowing is a beautiful sport it is also a fairly expensive one, making every donation we receive valuable. Your donations will go to the purchase and maintenance of equipment (rowing shells, ergometers, cross fit supplies), travel expenses, and race entry fees.

Ways to Donate:


PayPal is fast and secure way to donate online! You do NOT need a PayPal account to donate via PayPal. Please click the "Donate" button in the bottom of the page to donate through this method.


If you would like to donate with a check, please address it to "USF Foundation" and on the memo line write "Rowing Club at USF", you can mail any checks to:

USF Campus Rec

4202 E Fowler Ave. REC111

Attn. Rowing Club

Tampa, FL 33620

Thank you for your interest in USF Rowing, Go Bulls!