2016 Head of the Hooch Regatta

Head of the Hooch Video

Here are videos of the team's visit to Chattanooga for the 2016 Head of the Hooch.  The first is from the local news coverage of the regatta with a couple of team members being shown and one providing some great comments and observations.  Click on the title of each video to view it in a new window

Local News by Freeburg

Local news coverage

Mens Varsit 4+

Mens Varsity 4+

Mens Novice 4+

Mens Novice 4+

Mens 8+

Mens 8+

Womens Novice 8+

Womens Novice 8+

Womens Varsity 4+

Womens Varsity 4+

Why We Row

We row because it is fun and a great way to improve ourselves in an atmosphere of comradery and support.  It is great exercise and a challenge to excel. 

Hugh Laurie on winning a rowing race

Rowing is an incredible physical activity

  1. Rowing uses every major muscle group in the body, mostly relying on legs, the strongest muscles in the human body.

  2. Rowing requires very good cardio-vascular conditioning; rowers are one of the athlete groups with the highest levels of oxygen consumption (V02Max)

  3. Rowing does not require great athletic skills.  You can learn the basics in a day.

  4. Rowing is an ultimate team sport; every rower must work in total and complete unison with their crew.  

Rowing is very healthy

  1. Rowing does not place stress on joints; it is a perfect way for people who can no longer play other sports to still compete.

  2. Rowing is a lifelong exercise; rowers are known to row into their 90s.

  3. Rowing gets you into the healthy outdoors with fresh air and water.

  4. Starting your day with a great row makes your day wonderful.

  5. Rowing helps build discipline and attention to detail; rowers usually have the highest GPA on campus.

  6. Rowing well is wonderful; when the boat starts to swing the feeling and experience is delightful.

Come Join Us

We have Learn To Row events at various times throughout the year, usually before the start of either the fall or spring rowing seasons as you can find on our Calendar.  We are happy to accept new members at any time, however.  If you are interested in finding out more then reach out to us on the Contact page.

Want Some Inspiration?

 Watch this YouTube video called Rowing - A Symphony of Motion with an introduction by George Pocock the boat builder from The Boys In The Boat


Conditions at the boathouse

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